How To Find Out The Blood Group

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How To Find Out The Blood Group
How To Find Out The Blood Group

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Knowing your blood type is vital because in an emergency this information can save lives and save precious minutes. There are several ways to determine the blood group, which will not take much time.

How to find out the blood group
How to find out the blood group


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Differences in blood groups between people are represented by certain antibodies and antigens. The main classification system for these groups is AB0, and their designation occurs depending on the presence or absence of one or another type of agglutinogen (gluing factor) in the blood. Thus, the 1st blood group is labeled as 0 (I), the 2nd - A (II), the 3rd - B (III), the 4th - AB (IV). At the same time, the owners of the I blood group are universal donors.

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The indications for the appointment of an analysis to determine the blood group are preparation for surgery, identification of donor compatibility, hemolytic disease in newborns, or pregnancy. Doctors recommend affixing a stamp with their blood group and Rh factor in the passport (performed in a medical institution) or carrying a piece of paper with these data - in case of an accident requiring a blood transfusion, this information can significantly help doctors.

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You can find out your blood group using a standard laboratory test, which is carried out by private, public or commercial centers. Before taking the test, you must not take food and alcohol 3-4 hours before visiting the clinic. Blood will be drawn from a vein. You can also find out the blood type from your attending physician, who has these data or previously indicated them in your medical record. In addition, you can become a blood donor - when donating it, you can ask the staff to inform the group at the end of the procedure.

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You can also determine your blood group yourself - using a special kit, which can be bought at a pharmacy. For home testing, you need to pierce your ring finger with a sterilized needle and put some blood on each field presented on the test card. These fields contain antibodies that will react with erythrocyte antigens from the blood applied to them. For maximum mixing of antigens and blood in a new field, you need to use the clean stick that comes with the kit each time. As a result, the test will identify the group in 3-4 minutes. Analysis in this way can be performed even in the field.

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