How To Use "Ruvidon"

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How To Use "Ruvidon"
How To Use "Ruvidon"

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"Ruvidon" is an antimicrobial agent that comes in the form of intravaginal suppositories. The drug has a bactericidal effect and is used to treat infectious diseases of various etiologies.

How to use
How to use


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The remedy is indicated for the treatment of various forms of vaginitis caused by mixed infections. "Ruvidon" can be prescribed for vaginosis caused by bacterial invasion. Genital herpes is also an indication for the drug. The medicine is used in the treatment of fungal infections (candidiasis) and trichomoniasis. Suppositories can be prescribed during preparation in order to prevent complications of various operations and diagnostic procedures on the vagina. Since the main active element of the drug is iodine, it is prohibited to use it for hypersensitivity, hyperthyroidism, Duhring's dermatitis. Contraindications include thyroid adenoma and children's age (up to 12 years). It is not recommended to use the medicine after 3 months of pregnancy, as well as during lactation.

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Before using the product, it is necessary to carry out hygienic treatment of hands by thoroughly washing them with soap. You should also shower before using suppositories. Then the candle must be removed from the package and inserted deep into the vagina in accordance with the instructions for use. For the introduction, you should take a comfortable supine position. The drug should be used 1-2 times a day for a week. With vaginitis, it is possible to prescribe a medicine once a day for a course of 14 days. If necessary, the suppository can be moistened before use.

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It is recommended to use sanitary napkins during treatment. It is possible to use "Ruvidon" both during menstruation and after their termination. After the start of treatment, the course continues regardless of the cycle. If after the use of candles there is a deterioration in the condition, you should seek the advice of a specialist. Among the side effects, itching and hyperemia can be noted, which disappear after the drug is discontinued. It should be noted that the drug is incompatible with mercury-containing drugs, enzyme-based ointments.

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Overdose cases have not been noted, however, with repeated use, symptoms of intoxication may appear, among which are pronounced metallic taste in the mouth, increased salivation, burning in the mouth and throat, swelling of the eyes, diarrhea, and difficulty breathing. These signs are associated with an overdose of iodine, and therefore, when they appear, you should also urgently consult a doctor to prescribe an alternative therapy and receive additional instructions.

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