How To Treat Subchondral Sclerosis

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How To Treat Subchondral Sclerosis
How To Treat Subchondral Sclerosis

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Subchondral sclerosis is one of the many complications of osteoarthritis, a degenerative process in the articular cartilage. In this case, the hip, knee and some joints of the fingers are most often affected.

How to treat subchondral sclerosis
How to treat subchondral sclerosis

How does subchondral sclerosis manifest?

The inner surface of the joint has cartilaginous tissue; if it is damaged, the bone tissue grows and thickens. Bone growths (osteophytes) appear in the joint, which sometimes do not disrupt its function. In other cases, osteophytes grow into the lumen between two articular surfaces and narrow the joint space. As a result, the person feels pain and stiffness in movement. With subchondral sclerosis of the vertebral bodies, pain may appear along the trapped nerve (radicular syndrome). The final stage of the process is complete deformation of the joint, in which case growths can deform the joint space. Such changes lead to a complete loss of joint function. Most often, subchondral sclerosis develops in elderly people.

Subchondral sclerosis treatment

To eliminate the symptoms of subchondral sclerosis, treatment is directed to the underlying disease causing a similar complication. Unfortunately, full recovery is not possible. Treatment consists of complex therapy to reduce pain and slow down the progression of the process. The patient is prescribed medications, therapeutic exercises, a special diet. Treatment in each case will depend on the general condition of the body, the degree of development of the disease, concomitant pathologies. With subchondral sclerosis, patients can be prescribed massage, manual therapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, exercise therapy, swimming, yoga. Loads should be moderate. Sports activities help to increase joint mobility, strengthen the muscles of the back and neck. In severe cases, surgical intervention is possible; during the operation, the existing growths are removed.

As drugs for subchondral sclerosis, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used; chondroprotectors (drugs with chondratine or glucosamine), immunomodulators, pain relievers, muscle relaxants. In agreement with the doctor, herbal preparations are used. For example, you can brew a collection consisting of peppermint, yarrow, hop cones, calendula, celandine, licorice, as well as a collection that includes field horsetail, stinging nettle, buckthorn and willow bark, juniper fruits, birch leaf. Broths need to be alternated, preparing them every other day. To rub the joints, an ointment is prepared from wormwood juice mixed with an oil base. You can add a little propolis alcohol tincture to the mixture. This ointment has a warming effect, reduces inflammation, and improves joint mobility.

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