A Familiar Home Remedy For Cough

A Familiar Home Remedy For Cough
A Familiar Home Remedy For Cough

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Cough is perhaps the most common and unpleasant symptom of a cold.

A familiar home remedy for cough
A familiar home remedy for cough

Each of us knows how exhausting he can be. A cough does not allow you to enjoy life, it interferes with work, rest, and even sleep. Therefore, the question of how to get rid of it at home, without expensive drugs and visits to the hospital, becomes quite reasonable.

First, let's take a look at the theoretical side of the issue. Cough is a reflex of the body, with the help of which mucus, dust and other obstacles that interfere with the full functioning of the respiratory system are removed from the respiratory tract. This reaction is due to irritation of the bronchial mucosa.

There are two types of cough:

Dry (unproductive). The harm from such a cough is many times greater than the benefit. It is he who causes fatigue and decreased productivity. Often, a dry cough not only follows a person throughout the day, but also appears unexpectedly, in the form of attacks. In severe cases, such attacks can lead to vomiting or damage to the mucosal tissue.

Wet. A wet cough is our friend and faithful assistant in the fight against the disease. Due to the secreted phlegm, the germs that provoke the disease are removed from the respiratory tract, thereby speeding up the healing process.

How to deal with a cough at home?

We are all human, and each of us wants to save a little. Moreover, diseases often take us by surprise, interfering with the planned plan. For this reason, many are looking for simple, effective, and inexpensive ways to get rid of a cough at home. We bring to your attention several recipes that should be "in service" with every housewife.

Milk. The wonderful properties of this drink are familiar to everyone from childhood. In addition, it is an excellent remedy for coughs and colds. Combine milk with honey, baking soda, butter, ginger, propolis, or banana. Both adults and children drink such remedies with pleasure. Treatment can be enjoyable!

Black radish. The popularity of this vegetable as a medicine is quite understandable: black radish contains essential oil. This oil is remarkable in that it contains the substance lysozyme, which acts as a powerful bactericidal agent. Thanks to him, the volume of sputum production increases, so recovery is faster.

Drink one teaspoon of radish 5 times a day, and there will be no trace of the disease! To soften the peculiar taste, add sugar, or better, honey.

Wormwood tincture. To quickly get rid of a cough, take dried wormwood (about 20 grams) and add half a liter of vodka. The drink should stand for at least a day. Take one tablespoon two to three times a day.

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