How To Eliminate Curvature Of The Spine

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How To Eliminate Curvature Of The Spine
How To Eliminate Curvature Of The Spine

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Spinal curvature can be simple or partial, complex and total. With a simple one, one lateral arch is curved, with a complex one - several arcs in different directions, the total captures the entire spine.

How to eliminate curvature of the spine
How to eliminate curvature of the spine


Step 1

Distinguish between congenital curvatures (underdevelopment, accessory vertebrae) and acquired (rheumatic, rickety, paralytic). Treatment of the vertebrae depends on the age qualification, the type of curvature and the degree of deformity.

Step 2

With curvature of 1 and 2 degrees, treatment is carried out conservatively. The fundamental point is proper nutrition, enriched with vitamins, frequent stay in the fresh air, an active lifestyle.

Step 3

In case of scoliosis of 1-2 degrees, make yourself a hard bed, for this, put together a wooden shield and put it under the mattress. Choose a chair for your workplace that suits your height. Sit straight at the table with your feet reaching the floor. Use a corset (if prescribed by your doctor).

Step 4

Do physical therapy to help strengthen the core muscles that support the spine. Exercises for balancing, balance are especially effective.

Step 5

Perform the following set of exercises for the prevention of scoliosis right at the workplace: do not sit still for no more than 20 minutes; try to get up as often as possible; when sitting, regularly change the position of your legs (feet back and forth, spread them, put them side by side, etc.); sit "correctly": sit on the edge of the chair and bend your knees at a right angle, straighten your back, put your elbows straight on the armrests.

Step 6

Do special compensatory exercises: pull your knees to your chest, then straighten; get on your knees and outstretched arms, arch your back up as much as possible, and then bend it as much as possible.

Step 7

Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back: stand up, put your hands behind your head, move your arms to the sides - lift up, freeze for 3-4 seconds and return to the starting position.

Step 8

Lie on your stomach, lean on your hands and, without lifting your hips from the floor, bend over, freeze for 5-6 seconds, return to the starting position.

Step 9

Stand one step away from the wall. With your hands touching the wall, bend back, raising your arms up, repeat 5-8 times.

Step 10

The curvature of the spine can be completely corrected only at 1-2 degrees, when there are no pronounced dysplastic changes. With scoliosis of 3-4 degrees, you can only stop the progression.

Step 11

The development of the curvature stops with the growth of a person (at 16-18 years old), after 20 years the spine cannot be straightened. Further treatment can only be of a general strengthening nature.

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