How To Strengthen Blood Vessels

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How To Strengthen Blood Vessels
How To Strengthen Blood Vessels

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Vessels in the human body perform a very important function - they transport useful substances. And under the influence of many factors, they can wear out. As a result, human health and even life can be significantly reduced. Knowing how to strengthen blood vessels, you can improve the quality of health and prolong life.

How to strengthen blood vessels
How to strengthen blood vessels


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Problems with blood vessels are quite often manifested by the following symptoms: tinnitus and darkening in the eyes, dizziness, loss of consciousness, fainting, tachycardia attacks, as well as the occurrence of a slowdown in heart rhythms. In addition, when problems with blood vessels occur, meshes often appear on the limbs. Hands and feet may periodically go numb. Also, a person becomes dependent on the weather.

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How to strengthen the blood vessels in a particular case can be said after the examination. But most often, the vessels deteriorate as a result of the appearance of cholesterol deposits or plaques on the inner walls. In addition, the risk group includes people whose lifestyle can be called wrong. In particular, smoking, drug and alcohol use can be detrimental to the body. It also includes malnutrition, especially fatty foods. Constant stress also does not lead to anything good.

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Depending on the location of the affected vessels and the strength of their injury, one or more types of medical intervention may be required. Possible methods, both medicinal and operational.

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First of all, you need to change your diet. This applies to any kind of disease. It is necessary to limit the consumption of fatty and fried foods. The daily diet should be composed of complex carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats.

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To understand how to strengthen the blood vessels of the brain, it is necessary to understand the cause of the problem. The appearance of fatty deposits contributes to the blockage of blood vessels. As a result, the brain does not receive enough oxygen. As a result, headaches and dizziness can occur, up to loss of consciousness and a stroke. The heart also suffers from this. He has to pump blood at an increased rate. What can lead to a heart attack.

Step 6

There are several categories of drugs that will answer the question of how to strengthen the blood vessels of the brain. Some of them relieve spasms. These include no-shpa and papaverine. Also, we must not forget about drugs that can thin the blood (some of the most famous are cardiomagnum and ascard). Drugs that can reduce atherosclerotic plaques (among the most famous are simvastatin and levostatin). Drugs such as cinnarizine and corinfar can dilate blood vessels. In addition, there are medicinal herbs that will help strengthen the blood vessels in the brain. Among the most popular are marsh calamus, as well as birch buds and leaves.

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If a problem occurs in the vessels in the legs, then after consulting a thrombologist, phlebologist or therapist, one or more drugs may be prescribed. Among the entire possible list, thrombolytic ointments are most often prescribed. Most often they are based on heparin. It is important to take pills designed to strengthen blood vessels. For example, askorutin and hawthorn forte. Pyrroxan and alfaten will help cleanse the veins. In addition, the doctor may prescribe angioprotectors.

Step 8

Massage to improve blood flow to the skin. It is advisable for a specialist to do this, but you can do the foot massage yourself.

Step 9

You can't limit your intake of healthy fats. As a result, the elasticity of the capillaries may deteriorate. Nutrition should be balanced and correct. It is good to eat fish and other seafood. They will saturate the body with Omega-3. Berries of currants, mountain ash and blueberries will help reduce lipid reserves.Foods such as garlic, peppers, eggplants, herbs, grapefruit, and cucumbers can help clean the vessels.

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