Caution - Flu

Caution - Flu
Caution - Flu

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Every year, doctors scare them with new strains of flu. Say, every year the virus is more and more dangerous.

In fact, flu symptoms are pretty much the same, and it is difficult to confuse them with a sore throat or the common cold, the symptoms of which appear more slowly.

Caution - flu
Caution - flu

Influenza begins suddenly, with a sharp rise in temperature, headache and joint aches. A little later, a runny nose and dry cough may appear. If the baby has strong immunity, then after a few days these symptoms will decrease and after a week or two they will disappear. How to act at this time?

The first thing a mother should do at the first sign of flu in a child is to call a local doctor. And before his visit, put the baby to bed and give him a warm drink. If the baby is sick and has a high fever, do not wait for the doctor to arrive - call an ambulance or take the child to the hospital. In the emergency room, the doctor will examine the baby and prescribe the appropriate treatment. The list of drugs, most likely, will include antivirals - Aflubin, Engiston, Viferon and drugs for the common cold - Aquamaris, Aqualor. If the baby's body cannot cope with the virus on its own, and the temperature is high for 3-4 days, then the doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

After prescribing treatment, follow all the doctor's prescriptions.

Wet cleaning is required in the morning and in the evening. The room in which the baby is located needs to be ventilated every half hour - an hour.

After knocking down the temperature, be sure to change the bedding and change the crumb into dry clothes. Despite the popular belief, you can and should go for a walk during an illness! The main thing is to follow important rules:

  • The walk should last no more than 10-15 minutes.
  • The air temperature outside the window is not lower than -5 ° С.
  • The weather is dry and calm.

When the crumbs' temperature returns to normal, go out into the fresh air, but just don't go far from home. The kid is still weak, so instead of walking, ride the baby on a sled or just sit on a bench and tell your child a story.

The baby's appetite is "below zero", but you shouldn't sound the alarm. All body systems are tuned to fight the virus and eliminate toxins, and the digestion of food will slow down the process. If your toddler is hungry, give him dairy-free porridge or light vegetable soup. The portion should be minimal, but the drink, on the contrary, should not be limited.

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