How To Treat Conjunctivitis During Pregnancy

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How To Treat Conjunctivitis During Pregnancy
How To Treat Conjunctivitis During Pregnancy

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The symptoms of conjunctivitis are mucous discharge, redness of the eyes, tearing, edema, suppuration. No one is immune from this bacterial disease, which is of a viral nature, including a pregnant woman.

How to treat conjunctivitis during pregnancy
How to treat conjunctivitis during pregnancy


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Treatment of such a disease should proceed under the supervision of a physician. During pregnancy, the female body is vulnerable, since immunity is reduced, so conjunctivitis can be a latent infection that has worsened during this period. The disease is divided into three types: bacterial, infectious, and allergic. During pregnancy, any type of conjunctivitis is dangerous for the unborn baby. The doctor's prescriptions must be strictly observed so that the disease does not recur again. Along with medication, do not forget about traditional medicine. Observance of precautions with the treatment of the prescribed doctor plus traditional medicine will all help to overcome the disease quickly and without complications.

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Observe hygiene measures. Wash your hands thoroughly, do a short manicure. Disinfect cosmetics, if you use them, or throw them away. If you wear lenses, you will have to say goodbye to them, get new ones. Change your bedding, try washing it with a hypoallergenic powder. Don't rub your eyes. Let them rest. Stay less near the computer, more - in the fresh air. Use an antiseptic gel. Take vitamins for expectant mothers. The stronger the immunity, the less the risk of getting sick again.

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Folk remedies are good because they are absolutely safe for the baby. Do regular flushes and lotions. Here are some recipes. Squeeze juice from a pair of aloe leaves, dilute with water one in ten, such a solution is suitable for both washing and lotions. Pour boiling water over the tea rose petals in the ratio of one tablespoon to a glass of water, leave overnight. Dip cotton pads in such a solution and apply lotions for 30 minutes. Every housewife has a bay leaf in the kitchen. Take 2-3 leaves, pour boiling water for a couple of hours, after complete cooling with such a tincture, wipe your eyes as often as possible. Still raw potatoes, it is better to take old ones - they contain more starch. Grate, squeeze the juice, make compresses for 20 minutes, preferably at night. Rosehip infusion can be used to wash your face. To prepare it, take 2 tablespoons of dry berries and fill them with a glass of boiling water. After 5 hours, the tincture is ready. Wash your face with this tincture after removing your makeup. Conjunctivitis is treated quickly, the main thing is not to start it and start treatment as soon as possible.

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