How To Treat Eyes

How To Treat Eyes
How To Treat Eyes

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Over time, any vision deteriorates, this process is aggravated by watching TV, smoky rooms, and a computer. Human eyes, like the body as a whole, need adequate nutrition.

How to treat eyes
How to treat eyes

A very healthy dish for the eyes is a beef chop with fried carrots. meat contains zinc, which improves visual acuity in the dark, and carrots support the normal functioning of the retina.

With a feeling of eye fatigue, blurred vision, prolonged work at a computer or with printed texts, corneal dystrophy occurs. For the full functioning of the eyes, riboflavin is needed, the source of which is mushrooms, vegetables, dairy products.

Tea has an anti-inflammatory effect, it is the best suited for eye irritation.

Inflammation of the eyes is best treated not with fresh tea, but with sleeping tea. This is tea that was brewed in the evening and stood until the morning.

In no case should the drink stagnate, because after 2 days, bacteria actively begin to multiply in it, which will only harm the inflamed eye.

To remove bags and circles under the eyes, to eliminate the painful look, a lotion of cotton wool dipped in warm tea leaves will help. Leave the compress for 10 minutes, and then apply the cream on the skin of the eyelids with gentle movements.

An infusion of chamomile tea will help relieve inflammation and prevent early wrinkles. To do this, make 2 bags of gauze, the size of the eye socket. Pour a small pinch of tea and chamomile petals into them. Heat boiling water and place the bags in it, leave for 10 minutes. Cool slightly and apply warm to both eyes.

For prevention, you should bury a few drops of sleeping tea in both eyes.

Conjunctivitis, clogging of the mucous membrane, as well as inflammation of the eyelids is best treated with a cold infusion of a mixture of green and black teas with the addition of dry wine per glass of infusion 1 teaspoon of wine.

If your eyes are watery, you can rinse them out with a mild tea drink. To do this, wash a container, in diameter suitable for the volume of the eye, for example, a stack, rinse with boiling water. When the container has cooled down, rinse it again with clean distilled or spring water and place it in a shallow dish. Pour warm tea brewed with a meniscus to the brim. Dip the eye into the solution and blink several times. Repeat the procedure with the second eye, after washing the container.

It often happens that in windy weather, dust or sand gets into the child's eyes. The white of the eye turns red from this, the eye becomes inflamed, and the baby experiences an unpleasant burning sensation. Especially if the child is small, and you cannot explain to him that you cannot rub your eyes with your hands.

The method of washing the eyelet for children is quite simple, it is suitable for all ages, even babies. The child's eyes should be washed with mildly brewed warm tea or warm chamomile decoction. In no case should the solution be allowed to get from one eye to the other, in this way the infection can pass to the healthy eye.

It will be necessary to drop the liquid into the inner corner of the eye with a pipette so that the solution and tear fluid flow out of the outer corner.

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