What To Do With Erection Problems

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What To Do With Erection Problems
What To Do With Erection Problems

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It is not necessary to diagnose "low or poor potency" on your own. Only a doctor can establish this. In this case, a urologist or andrologist. And he will do this, relying on a number of studies and analyzes of the state of the male body. What can a man do on his own if he starts having erection problems?

What to do with erection problems
What to do with erection problems

Where to start to act?

Quit smoking immediately if you do and do not drink any alcohol. Moreover, if you resorted to it to increase your sexual desire. In drinking people, erection steadily decreases, in smokers it is inhibited due to the high blood pressure inherent in those who have such an addiction.

Think about a healthy lifestyle, no matter how trite it may sound. You should adjust the rhythm of your night sleep, fall asleep at 10 pm in the evening and wake up early in the morning. Night sleep should not be less than 8-9 hours. Pay attention to what you eat. Food plays a huge role in what happens inside the body that consumes it. With a weakened erection, there is a certain diet that stimulates the male body and increases potency.

Keep track of your weight, as its increase leads to impotence. In addition, obese men are predisposed to diabetes, and this is not only poor health, but also weak potency. Do not forget about an active physical life, go in for sports, go hiking, sign up for a swimming pool, do asanas at home from any direction of yoga.

On the intimate component with a weak erection

Have a regular sex life, preferably with one partner. If you cannot have sexual intercourse in the evening or at night - transfer it to the morning, when the body is rested and there are all the prerequisites for a persistent erection. Change the plot of a love date with your woman. If earlier you moved from a couple of kisses to the sexual act itself, then change your tactics, devoting more time to foreplay in front of him.

Doctors advise men not to hesitate to diversify their sex life with their partners, to use intimate toys in a love game, dildos to prolong a woman's pleasure when erections are weakened.

Additional actions for problems with potency

Try to devote more time to rest, do not strive to do more things during the day than you can afford. But try to give up cycling at least temporarily. A rigid bicycle saddle can press on the male perineum and exert a squeezing effect on the circulatory system in it.

It has been proven that men with weak erections have low levels of certain vitamins in their blood. In particular, vitamin E. Replenish its supply with the help of multivitamin pharmaceutical preparations. It is advisable to take vitamin E for its better absorption by the body with vitamin C.

Among the folk measures to increase potency, ginseng root can play a good role for you. With its infusion, sitz baths are made to increase male tone. You can also drink a tincture of ginseng diluted in water 1-2 times a day, a few drops. However, this plant is not recommended for use in diabetes and high blood pressure. A substitute for ginseng with the same medicinal properties is another plant - Eleutherococcus. Its tincture can be taken even if the man has diabetes.

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