How To Administer Intravenous Injections

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How To Administer Intravenous Injections
How To Administer Intravenous Injections

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Each person encounters injections at least several times in his life. They are usually done in clinics or hospitals. But there are situations when injections need to be done at home, there is no way to turn to a professional. Injections are usually divided into intramuscular and intravenous.

How to administer intravenous injections
How to administer intravenous injections


Step 1

It is not advisable to give intravenous injections to oneself. Usually, veins are used in the elbow bend, sometimes from the forearm, in young children - from the temple area. It is not recommended to prick the veins in the legs, as thrombophlebitis is possible. It will be quite difficult to get into the above veins on your own.

Step 2

Before injecting, be sure to wash your hands or treat with a disinfectant solution. Gloved injection is recommended.

Step 3

Sit or lay the person to be injected as comfortably as possible so that the elbow joint is relaxed and extended. You can put a special pillow or a folded towel under the elbow.

Step 4

A tourniquet is placed over the shoulder to stop blood flow in the veins, but not to compress the artery. This procedure allows you to better see the veins, get a feel for their location, so that you can get there the first time. Ask the patient to clench their fist several times to make the veins even more visible.

Step 5

The skin of the elbow joint is treated with an alcohol solution. Usually the area to be disinfected is 4-6 cm.

Step 6

The syringe for injection is held in the right hand, feeling the wreath with the left. The needle should be kept cut up, almost parallel to the vein. Choose the most prominent vein to avoid overshooting.

Step 7

The puncture is done in 2 stages - first, the skin is pierced, and then the venous wall. Getting into a vein is a feeling that you have fallen into a void. With a certain skill, a person will not even notice these stages.

Step 8

To make sure you hit correctly, pull the syringe plunger towards you. Blood should appear in it. This is a sure sign that everything has been done correctly. Then remove the tourniquet.

Step 9

The necessary injection is introduced gradually, without haste. And then a cotton ball soaked in an alcohol solution is applied to the injection site. It is recommended to bend the arm at the elbow for quick healing of the wound.

Step 10

If you need to do a lot of injections, do not inject constantly in the same place. Change hands, choose different veins. Using the same area many times is not recommended.

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