How To Improve Memory At Any Age

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How To Improve Memory At Any Age
How To Improve Memory At Any Age

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With age, a person's ability to remember various events deteriorates. For example, he may forget about an appointment or have difficulty remembering people's names. Dementia is considered a senile disease, but it can occur at any age. To protect your memory from such problems, you need to constantly train it.

How to improve memory at any age
How to improve memory at any age


Constant self-education helps to improve mental performance. It is believed that the constant struggle of the brain with various tasks stimulates its cells to be active and interact with each other. For some people, this is not a problem, their daily activities already imply mental work and self-education. Others may require special exercises for self-study. To train your mind in this way, you can start a hobby, for example, play chess more often, solve crosswords, read more books.

Make your senses work

To improve memory, you need to train your senses more often. The more they are stimulated, the higher the person's ability to memorize events and objects. Different parts of the brain are responsible for the work of individual sense organs, for example, the pear-shaped lobe of the brain, in particular, is responsible for the sense of smell. It activates whenever you try to recognize a smell. When visiting restaurants, try to identify the ingredients of new dishes that you order using the smell. Try to determine the material of various objects using tactile sensations, start with simple objects and materials, gradually complicating the task.

Get rid of stereotypes

Memory impairment can also be facilitated by constantly reminding yourself that this sooner or later happens to every person. Becoming a hostage to stereotypes about the inevitability of dementia, a person gradually loses the ability to remember, even in middle and young age. Conversely, believing in themselves and not thinking about memory problems, even in old age, people can have a fairly good memory.

Believing that you are able to control, exercise, and improve your brain's memory function increases your chances of maintaining a high level of memorization.


A good way to improve your memory is to periodically repeat the things you want to remember. If you have read or heard something important and want to remember it, do not hesitate to repeat it aloud several times, this will strengthen your memory. This principle can be used, for example, to memorize names. If you are talking to someone, often insert the name of the other person in your speech. If you often forget the place where you put the keys, for example, repeat the name of that place aloud. Do this consciously, imagining this place in front of you.

Repetition will be more effective if done periodically. Do this every hour after receiving information, then every few hours, and finally once a day.


To quickly memorize large amounts of information, a special technique called mnemonics or mnemonics is used. This technique trains a person's memory very well and helps to improve the ability to remember. The tools used in this technique are quite unusual. Its principle is based on associative rows, when abstract, hard to remember things are replaced by concepts that have, for example, a visual representation. For example, people who have difficulty remembering numbers can come up with associations to them (1 - stake or stick, 2 - swan, etc.) and then operate with them. The same principle is used to train visual memory.

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