How To Preserve Memory Until Old Age

How To Preserve Memory Until Old Age
How To Preserve Memory Until Old Age

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Perhaps many people think about clarity of mind and bright memory to a ripe old age. Seeing the change of more than one generation, fiddling with grandchildren and great-grandchildren, being an example to them in many ways - are these not the goals of the “ancestor” who loves his family? So how can you preserve your memory to a ripe old age and not lose the respect of your descendants?

How to preserve memory until old age
How to preserve memory until old age

Not everyone knows, but it turned out that bacteria that are in the mouth can cause dementia. How does this happen? If you do not follow the rules of hygiene for caring for the oral cavity, then the bacteria located there gradually settle in the brain. Autoimmune inflammation occurs, an amyloid protein is formed, neurons cease to function properly, and the reason is only in the lack of proper oral care.

To prevent dementia and preserve memory, you should brush your teeth every day in the morning and in the evening, use dental floss to free the interdental spaces from food debris and rinse your mouth with mouthwash after any meal. Moreover, rinsing your mouth should be at least 30 seconds for the proper effect.

Thanks to scientific research, it has become clear that daily, regular physical activity on the body affects the retention of memory. In particular, brisk walking for 30 minutes at a speed of 2 steps per second. This process reduces the risk of memory loss by 50%.

It will allow you not to lose memory and vitamin B12, the most necessary for the brain, which is in short supply in older people over the years. Products such as beef liver and fatty fish of the northern seas will help to fill the lack of this vitamin.

When vitamin B12 is absent, the myelin sheath, which protects the nerve fiber, is destroyed. And without it, the nerve impulse is not transmitted normally along the nerve fiber. A completely destroyed shell causes memory loss. A lack of vitamin B12 is diagnosed with a blood test. It is imperative to monitor the normal level of this vitamin in the body in order to avoid loss of mental clarity.

An important aspect of memory preservation is the maintenance of blood pressure in the normal range from 120/80 and below and the treatment of hypertension. The increased pressure causes micro-strokes in the cerebral cortex, the vessels become fragile, the capillaries rupture, and small cavities are formed in the brain. Thus, the very substrate of the brain becomes less and less.

To preserve your memory to a ripe old age, follow these simple tips.

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