Myths About Back Pain

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Myths About Back Pain
Myths About Back Pain

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A sore back is a real scourge of modern man. According to the WHO, more than 80% of the population at one time or another experience back pain. A sedentary lifestyle, stress, improper physical activity, which is detrimental to health - all this leads to diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Even the younger generation has problems with the flexibility of the spine, suffering from back pain, scoliosis and kyphosis (humps). The situation is complicated by people's ignorance. As long as we believe in these myths, our back will always hurt. It was about them that the doctor-kinesiologist Anastasia Shagarova told.

Photo from the personal archive of the author
Photo from the personal archive of the author

Myth 1. It is enough to take a pill

Yes, pain medication can relieve pain and discomfort. Only, such a pill will not relieve the problem itself. That is why the pain will return sooner or later. Moreover, the more often you resort to this method, the faster the unpleasant sensations return and the more they manifest themselves.

In addition, medications, especially pain relievers, put stress on the liver and kidneys, negatively affecting their health and making it difficult to work.

Myth 2. Treat where it hurts

Most often, the cause of pain is not at all where the symptom manifests itself. That is why massage of the muscles of the lower back is useless in the case when flat feet are the cause of the disease.

By the way, flat feet cause many back problems. The fact is that a deformed foot cannot take the shock load when walking. The spine receives this load. In this regard, the intervertebral discs are worn out, hernias and protrusions occur. And my back hurts and aches insanely.

To forget about pain for a long time, you need to find its primary source and work with it. Spine disease always affects the entire body, so it needs to be treated comprehensively.


Myth 3. Sitting up straight can avoid back problems

Unfortunately, simply deploying the shoulders will not eliminate the risk of developing a curvature of the spine or other back diseases. Of course, this does not mean that you can safely take the shape of the letter "siu" at the desk.

However, simply remembering to keep your back straight is not enough. Anastasia Shagarova emphasizes that the problem may not be in the back, but in the feet. Or a skull injury. Or maybe in adhesions and postoperative sutures, which affect the displacement of internal organs, and those, in turn, on the spine.

The only way out is to contact a specialist who works not only with the back and muscles, but approaches the treatment in a comprehensive manner. Such a specialist can be a kinesiologist.

Myth 4. Back pain is natural in old age

If you are 50, 60, and so on indefinitely, this does not mean that the time has come to clench your fists and endure pain. At absolutely any age, it is possible to treat the spine and feet and achieve visible long-term results.

It is not age that determines the effectiveness of treatment, but the flexibility of the spine. Moreover, in her practice, Dr. Shagarova often encounters a situation when a grandmother's back is more flexible than that of her granddaughter. To test how flexible the spine is, simply bend over to the floor without bending your knees.

If you can put your palms on the floor, everything is fine, if not, it's time to seriously start treating or preventing spinal diseases.


Myth 5. A psychotherapist has no effect on back pain

You might be surprised, but working with a psychotherapist helps not only to relieve clamps and pain syndromes, but also to improve the condition of the spine in general. The fact is that slouching and scoliosis often begin with psychosomatic problems. Complexes, stress, panic attacks, worries, all this puts an unbearable burden on our shoulders.

We want to close ourselves off from the malevolent outside world and begin to slouch, pull our heads into our shoulders.Muscles tense, vertebrae shift, tendons and nerves and blood vessels are clamped. In addition to back pain, headaches, high blood pressure, swelling and other "delights" also appear.

Dr. Shagarova explains: “Our center has a well-developed system that brings visible and long-term results. I advise you to adhere to the same sequence of treatment:

  • determine the true cause and primary source of pain, using the nervous system and reflexes,
  • work in a complex manner with the whole body, and not just with some of its painful part,
  • do not forget about the psychological state and remember that the saying "all diseases are from the nerves" is true,
  • deal with the health of the spine on a regular basis, maintain its health with the help of proper nutrition, moderate physical activity.

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