How And Why Are Liver Diseases Exacerbated In Spring?

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How And Why Are Liver Diseases Exacerbated In Spring?
How And Why Are Liver Diseases Exacerbated In Spring?

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Spring is a period of warmth, good mood and new hopes. But this is also a period of development or exacerbation of diseases of the digestive system. Many people go to extremes: they radically change their diet, lean on kebabs and alcohol, or, on the contrary, try to lose weight by summer in order to go to the beach with an ideal figure. Both are damaging to the liver. Diseases of this organ develop imperceptibly and can lead to serious consequences.

How and why do liver diseases become aggravated in spring?
How and why do liver diseases become aggravated in spring?

Why fast weight loss is dangerous

When deciding to lose weight by the summer, you should not force events. You can safely reduce weight by no more than 2 kilograms per month. If a person loses weight faster, too much fat breaks down. A lot of cholesterol is formed, bile thickens, gallstones are formed. In turn, gallstone disease leads to a number of other problems. It causes inflammation in the gallbladder and liver, can provoke cholestasis, jaundice and even cirrhosis of the liver.

Why is weight gain dangerous?

Alcohol and kebabs are delicious, but not healthy. Frequent picnics lead to weight gain. Obesity increases the risk of dozens of diseases, liver problems and gallstone disease. With increasing weight in bile, the amount of cholesterol in relation to bile acids and phospholipids increases. As a result, cholesterol crystallizes and calculi appear. Due to excess weight and inaccuracies in the diet, chronic inflammation in the liver, fatty hepatosis, then fibrosis develops. Normal liver tissue is replaced by scars. Over time, fibrosis progresses and can turn into cirrhosis - a fatal disease for which there are no effective drugs.

How can you help your body?

You need to control your diet. Do not go on extreme diets and lose weight quickly. There is no need to go to the other extreme: go to a barbecue-alcoholic diet and build up your sides. Both approaches lead to gallstone disease and liver disease. This group of diseases does not give symptoms for a long time. Clinical manifestations occur only in the later stages, when the liver is already destroyed and cannot be restored. It is possible to identify pathology in a timely manner only with the help of diagnostic procedures: ultrasound of the liver and blood tests.

With rapid weight loss, weight gain, signs of bile stagnation, liver obesity or calculus detection, treatment is required. Usually, doctors prescribe drugs from the UDCA group (ursosan). They improve the properties of bile, prevent the formation of stones and even dissolve existing stones. UDCA reduces inflammation in the liver and lowers blood cholesterol levels.

Remember to monitor your health in the spring. Holidays in nature are much more enjoyable than in a hospital bed. Minimal efforts on your part will help keep the liver and biliary tract in good condition and prevent the development of dangerous diseases.

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