How To Treat Ostechondrosis

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How To Treat Ostechondrosis
How To Treat Ostechondrosis

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Osteochondrosis is a serious and, unfortunately, very common disease today. It is aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle and unbalanced diet. It is necessary not to allow, and if allowed - to immediately eliminate problems with the spine, in order to avoid complications.

How to treat ostechondrosis
How to treat ostechondrosis


Step 1

Use pain relievers. With osteochondrosis, pain can be felt not only in the spine, but also in the region of the heart, it can be given to the head, arms, legs, depending on the location of the focus of the problem. You should not drown the pain with analgesics without a doctor's prescription.

Step 2

Take advantage of proven traditional medicine methods. Pour one tablespoon of sour sorrel roots with a liter of water and boil for fifteen minutes. After boiling, wrap and leave for two hours. Take two tablespoons of the broth daily three times daily before meals. You can also make compresses from sour rye dough (without adding yeast), rolling a sheet 2 cm thick and laying it on the problem area of ​​the back, having previously treated it with turpentine oil. Do not use warming compresses or creams without your doctor's advice, as heat can increase muscle inflammation. Remember that pain relievers do not fix the problem, they only provide temporary relief.

Step 3

Get manual therapy. Just do not force your spouse to massage you if he does not have the appropriate education. A non-specialist can hurt your back and do more harm, especially if you already have a herniated disc.

Step 4

Choose comfortable furniture. If you have to live a sedentary lifestyle, choose a chair in which your back will take the most comfortable natural position. Osteochondrosis can develop if you sleep on a bed that is too soft. A hard mattress should be purchased. If this is not possible, use a sheet of plywood laid on your bed and covered with a soft blanket.

Step 5

Move more! Although rest is most often indicated for osteochondrosis, it is impossible to recover from this disease without exercise. It is enough to allocate twenty minutes a day for charging, and it will bring enormous benefits. There are many complexes designed specifically for each spine. Just try to do all the exercises smoothly, without sudden movements. Do not strain, you need to stop doing the exercise as soon as you feel pain. It is better to enroll in a physical therapy group, where they will help you choose exercises and teach you how to perform them correctly.

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