How To Relieve Irritation From Jewelry

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How To Relieve Irritation From Jewelry
How To Relieve Irritation From Jewelry

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Antiallergic drugs and hormonal drugs will help relieve irritation from jewelry. From traditional methods of treatment, you can try to brew medicinal herbs, apply a compress from the pulp of pumpkin, aloe or potatoes.

how to relieve irritation from jewelry: methods of dealing with the disease
how to relieve irritation from jewelry: methods of dealing with the disease

Many women notice that necklaces, chains, bracelets, rings and other jewelry made of metal cause severe skin irritation. In particular, she blushes, itches and brings considerable discomfort to her owner. How to relieve irritation from jewelry?

Medical methods of dealing with this ailment

First of all, you need to remove the jewelry and consult a doctor. He may prescribe the intake of antiallergic drugs, for example, "Loratadin", "Suprastin", "Fenistila" and others, and recommend lubricating the reddened skin with hormonal drugs, for example, "Diprosalik", "Mometasone", "Likoid", "Hydrocortisone" and "Elokom" ". The Rescuer ointment has proven itself well, which quickly heals wounds on the skin and cope with inflammation.

Bepanten ointment is capable of normalizing the metabolism in the skin and restoring its integrity. Non-greasy cream "Bepanten" destroys bacteria on the surface of the skin, cools it and relieves pain. This drug has no contraindications, it is even recommended to use it for lactating women with cracked nipples. Levomekol ointment will also help relieve irritation from jewelry. This antiseptic has an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect, easily penetrates deep into tissues without damaging biological membranes and stimulating regeneration processes in cells.

Traditional methods of treatment

A decoction of a string, chamomile, calendula and celandine will help relieve inflammation and relieve itching. It is necessary to brew them according to the instructions on the package, cool, strain and wipe the inflamed areas with a cotton pad dipped in the broth. Tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils can be used as an antiseptic. Two or three drops of one of these oils should be added to one tablespoon of base oil (peach, almond or lean) and lubricate the sore spot with the resulting composition. The only drawback of this method of dealing with irritation from jewelry is that the oils take a very long time to be absorbed and do not work immediately.

Aloe juice will help relieve inflammation. The leaf of this plant must be washed, cut off the thorns, chopped and put on a compress from the resulting gruel overnight. The pulp of pumpkin and potatoes has the same effect. If the house does not have any of the traditional medicines offered by yours, you can anoint the skin with a simple baby cream or treat it with powder or starch.

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