What To Do If Analgin And Andipal Do Not Help With Headaches

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What To Do If Analgin And Andipal Do Not Help With Headaches
What To Do If Analgin And Andipal Do Not Help With Headaches

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Pain reliever medicinal chemicals, unfortunately, are not always effective in treating headaches. In addition, most medications, including analgin and andipal, can cause side effects, and there are a number of contraindications to them.

Headache can be cured without pills
Headache can be cured without pills

If analgin and andipal do not help you, and the headache continues to torment you, you can turn to other methods of treatment.


In acupuncture, pain is treated with fine needles that penetrate the skin, affecting the flow of energy in the body. This method of treatment belongs to preventive measures. It is able to prevent headaches and migraines. Unlike pills, acupuncture does not cause side effects.


For temporary relief of headaches, you can rub your temples and massage your neck, shoulders, head, and back. If you are prone to frequent migraine attacks, massage should be done regularly.

Exercise for the muscles of the neck

Headaches are often caused by tension in the muscles of the neck and back. Special exercises will help to cope with the cause of such a headache. Include them in the complex of daily exercises and perform them when you feel the onset of a headache attack.

Pull your chin forward, up, and toward each shoulder in turn. Raise your shoulders up and then push them forward or back. Press with your forehead and temples on the palm pressed against them.

Each exercise must be performed 4-5 times, holding the position for 5 seconds.


Various meditation techniques can help you distract yourself from headaches and calm your thoughts. For example, Vipassana is an ancient Indian meditation practice that helps establish a connection between mind and body. Having mastered this technique, you can not only reduce the frequency of headaches, but also improve the quality of life in general.


This practice combines various postures, breathing exercises and meditation. Together, it helps to relax and balance the mind, body and spirit. With regular practice, you will notice that the headaches have become more rare.

Relaxation exercises

Deep breathing, listening to calm music, and visualization can help you relax and relieve headaches. You can learn to relax all muscle groups. Lying on your back, relax, breathe deeply and slowly. Squeeze vigorously and then relax all the muscles, starting from the toes and gradually working down to the head. Do this exercise for 20 minutes.

Heat and cold

You can relieve headaches by cooling or warming certain areas of the body. If the pain is due to the tension of the neck muscles, apply something warm to it.

If the pain is throbbing, then something cold should be applied to the temples, for example, ice.

The artery through which blood flows to the lining of the brain is located just below the thin temporal bone. During migraine attacks, this artery becomes inflamed and heated. By cooling it down, you ease the pain.

Do not eat nitrates and nitrites

Nitrates and nitrites are often added as dietary supplements. Also, some heart medications contain nitrates. They can provoke headaches. For some people, caffeine, alcohol, and a sugar substitute, which is added as a sweetener to many foods, can cause headaches.

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