How A Pregnant Woman Should Gain Weight

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How A Pregnant Woman Should Gain Weight
How A Pregnant Woman Should Gain Weight

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Pregnancy is a particularly important and crucial period in a woman's life. She feels how a baby grows and develops inside her. For the normal development of the fetus, it is necessary that the mother regularly receives a varied and balanced diet in strictly necessary quantities. One of the factors that allow us to conclude whether a pregnant woman is eating properly is weight.

How a pregnant woman should gain weight
How a pregnant woman should gain weight


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Saving on food during this period is simply unacceptable. All other expenses can be cut as much as possible, but the pregnant woman should be getting enough food. In some cases, pregnant women who are underweight have babies weighing less than 2.5 kg. Accordingly, such newborns develop more slowly and get sick more often compared to their sturdy peers.

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Of course, there are no "reference", mandatory standards for weight gain. After all, every pregnant woman gains weight depending on a number of factors. It is necessary to consult with an experienced, qualified doctor in order to draw up your own, individual schedule, which should be guided by.

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If the first trimester of pregnancy is difficult (severe toxicosis, general ill health), weight gain may be very insignificant, less than 1 kilogram. In some cases, the weight may not increase at all. With a more or less mild course of pregnancy (moderate or practically absent toxicosis), weight gain is usually from 1 to 2 kilograms. If the pregnant woman is of a young age (less than 18 years old), with a mild course of pregnancy, an addition of 2 to 3 kilograms is considered the norm.

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The second trimester in most cases is characterized by constant, measured weight gain. This process seems to be stabilizing. Weekly weight gain ranges between 0.3 and 0.5 kilograms, that is, a pregnant woman should gain about 1, 3 - 2, 2 kilograms per month. And this also continues in the third trimester, right up to childbirth.

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Do not be alarmed when you find a slight deviation from the schedule. This is completely normal. But if the deviation is significant, you should consult a doctor, undergo an examination, and make adjustments to the diet.

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Also, you should not be allowed to develop a lot of excess weight. Since this can damage the baby during childbirth, and it will be difficult to get rid of those extra pounds later. Therefore, although many pregnant women from the beginning of the second trimester feel "wolfish appetite", you still need to try to control yourself.

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