How To Give Birth With A Certificate

How To Give Birth With A Certificate
How To Give Birth With A Certificate

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When it comes to obtaining important documents, huge queues, bustle, many doubts immediately appear. But with this certificate, everything is much easier. To obtain a birth certificate, you need to be observed in the same antenatal clinic for more than 12 weeks and have the simplest set of documents that is mandatory for a citizen of the Russian Federation.

How to give birth with a certificate
How to give birth with a certificate

The generic certificates appeared in 2006 as part of the state program "Health". Every pregnant woman, regardless of age, has the right to receive this document. Provided that she is a citizen of the Russian Federation.

The program is designed to improve the quality of medical services in antenatal clinics, maternity hospitals and children's clinics. Also, receiving money for each woman in childbirth motivates medical institutions to implement an anti-abortion program and thereby increase the birth rate of children.

The certificate is also beneficial for expectant mothers: they will be given some necessary medicines and vitamins free of charge. Also, women who have a certificate can choose their favorite antenatal clinic or maternity hospital themselves.

A generic certificate costs 10,000 rubles. and is paid from the federal budget. It consists of a registration form and four coupons. The first is worth 3,000 rubles. is given to the antenatal clinic, in which a woman is observed for more than 12 weeks. If you decide to contact a paid consultation and be monitored there, then the first coupon will be stamped "not subject to payment." The same applies to paid maternity hospitals.

The second coupon is worth 6,000 rubles. Goes to pay for the provision of services of the maternity hospital you have chosen. The third and fourth coupons cost 1,000 rubles together. and go to the children's clinic for the provision of medical services during the first year of the baby's life. Why are two coupons issued for this? Because one is responsible for the first six months, and the second for the second. No money is given to expectant mothers.

The birth certificate is obtained by women during maternity leave at 30 weeks of pregnancy. If the pregnancy is multiple, then at 28 weeks. To issue a generic certificate, you need to have a passport of the Russian Federation (if you are not yet 14 years old - a birth certificate), an OMS policy and SNILS. If any of these documents are missing for a valid reason, then this will be indicated on the certificate.

If you did not go to the antenatal clinic for at least 12 weeks or changed all documents and could not get a birth certificate, then you should not despair. You will still be admitted to the hospital, subject to availability, and the birth certificate will be written out right there.

It is better to keep the birth certificate after handing it out in one place with the documents and things prepared in the maternity hospital, so as not to forget it in a hurry and not to lose it. A lost or damaged certificate will not be restored to you.

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