What Is Normospermia

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What Is Normospermia
What Is Normospermia

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Normospermia is an indicator of the hormonal background of a man and indicates the absence of abnormalities that are detected during the spermogram. Deviations from normospermia can indicate the presence of male health problems and become an indicator of infertility, which should be treated under the supervision of a specialist.

What is normospermia
What is normospermia

Indicators of normospermia

Normospermia is a diagnosis that indicates the absence of pathological processes occurring in the organs of a man. Normally, the semen volume should reach 2 ml. In this case, the number of immotile spermatozoa should not exceed 50%. It is important that the spermogram does not reveal any agglutination and aggregation, which can also affect the male reproductive function. The number of leukocytes in semen should not exceed 1 million. Also, the presence of normal sperm should strive for 50%.

In this case, the number of germ cells with a normal head structure should be at least 30%.

Normospermia disorders

Abnormalities of normospermia can be called azoospermia and necrozoospermia. In the first case, the cause of sexual dysfunction may be problems with the vas deferens, as a result of which sperm cannot leave the body. With necrospermia, immobility of spermatozoa is observed, as a result of which their ability to fertilize an egg is impaired due to some objective factors. Necrozoospermia may indicate the presence of lesions such as varicocele, cryptorchidism, dropsy, mumps (mumps). It is also possible that problems with the composition of the semen arise after a large dose of radiation and a severe infectious disease.

Sperm activity can also be compromised by overheating, constant stress and excessive alcohol consumption.


Normospermia is established using a spermogram. This diagnostic procedure is performed 2-3 times and based on the data obtained, a diagnosis is made. Before the procedure, a man is advised to refrain from sexual intercourse for a period of 48 hours to 7 days. Also, in preparation for the delivery of tests, it is necessary to exclude the use of alcoholic beverages, various medications. It is also not recommended to visit baths, saunas.

To obtain ejaculate for the purpose of analysis, a man masturbates into a special jar, which has a wide throat. Sperm is collected from the vessel and delivered to the laboratory at a temperature of 36.6 degrees. After passing the analysis, the man also needs to urinate to collect post-orgasmic urine, which also contains part of the sperm and is delivered to the laboratory. Experts test the semen liquefaction time, volume, color and composition of the ejaculate. The amount of hydrogen in the semen, the acidity of the composition is also determined, and then such additional indicators as the number of erythrocytes and leukocytes in the semen are established.

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